Pin Grip -- The World on your wrist! by: Pamela Perettie

Pin Grip

The World on Your Wrist

Have you ever had trouble juggling between your tools and your longhaired customer?

No longer. Master Associate Pamela Perettie has come to the rescue. Her new Pin Grip, a magnetic wristband for hair designers, has the strength to hold your tools, Bobbie Pins, hair pins, single and double prong clips, cutting clips, and even a comb! It comes in a variety of sizes and applications.

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Pin Grip Tool Belt

Designed to hold your tools effectively, it has many valuable features. It starts with having a magnetic Pin Grip built in and is designed to hold your small metal tools, like bobbie pins, hairpins and small clips. It also has three metal d-rings, a very unique feature, because of its easy access to shears and or your Paul Mitchell carving comb. We have added two elastics hoops designed to hold brushes. We've also incorporated two pockets that are sub-divided to help keep you organized; the small side is for chopsticks and the large side is for combs. This insures your ability to hold a curved comb or your Paul Mitchell twister. We've even added a small pocket designed for your cell phone, giving you everything you'll need to be successful!

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